When you need to go, we go....

 Our taxi boat is a high quality boat manufactured by Arronet and perfectly suited for the Nordic climate. We are used to being out on the sea all year round even in stormy seas and freezing temperatures - and we have the experience to do it safely. 

The boat is registered for 8 persons, and 5 passengers can sit comfortably inside. If it's cold it doesn't matter, it's warm inside. If it's hot we open the sunroof. This vessel is great for any weather.

Top speed +40kts, cruising speed 26-30kts. Depending of the wave height we are capable to drive over the gulf of Finland to Estonia in 90 minutes. 
Home harbour is on the island of Rysäkari outside Helsinki which has good location also to Espoo and Kirkkonummi.

The basic rate is 100 € / 30 minutes, VAT 10% included, counting from the moment we start the engines for your pickup. The minimum charge is one hour. Card payment available onboard or by invoice to corporate customers.
You can follow the location of the vessel online
Possible to do special deals for daily or weekly transport needs for different projects etc. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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